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1129 ถ.ไกรสรสิทธิ์ เวียง เมือง Chang Wat Chiang Rai 57000, Thailand
Coordinate: 19.9177732, 99.8271586
Rating: 4.30
Phone: +66 53 607 999 dusitthani/ islandresortchiangrai/ default-en.html
Barrie Law (21/04/2017 13:44)
A long established property in Chiangrai..
Focused on friendly old style Thai service...
Coming back to Dusit Island is like coming home...

Paviga Choemue (07/02/2017 16:11)
Calling from Australia and when the receptionist answered the phone she was extremely rude when I spoke to her in Thai! Maybe she should find a job she likes??? Because she is not doing the resort any favours being rude to their customers.

Andrei Novikov (25/11/2016 19:55)
Old-fashioned hotel. Great staff, but a lot of maintenance is needed.

b p (20/06/2016 11:56)
Perfect view. Fitout a bit retro. Nice pool

Sopheak Meas (06/05/2016 17:11)
It's one of the great hotels in the province. There is a small river just behind the hotel, so you can be sure to get the best view from your room. There are also big and small meeting rooms for your functions.

Smeghead McSmeg (25/10/2017 04:08)
Overall, a superb 5-star hotel. Beautiful grounds, great staff and rooms that the most demanding Hollywood starlet would find difficult to complain about.

My one whinge is the frankly inexplicable decision to leave the fitness room at an ambient temperature of 26°C. And no fans for e use of the clients. But they saw fit to have one in the gym office. So, an office worker needs to keep cool, but people sweating in the gym don't?

The place deserves 5 stars, if you discount the fitness room, which is about what one can expect while travelling. But trying to get the daily miles in on the treadmill, in the heat and humidity of Thailand, could have been made much easier had they left a free standing oscillating fan in the room for the guests' use. And drop the temperature to something a little cardiac arrest inducing.

Ellen Sheppard (11/06/2017 03:17)
You'll feel like royalty! A classy, polished, refined facility with impeccable service, beautiful grounds, great food, and incredible views. It's a large place and the lay out is a little confusing, but that makes it even more fun to wander. The organic garden is huge and worth the 20 minutes it'll take you to scroll through it. Beautiful pool and luxurious affiliated spa for massages. Rooms are large and beautifully furnished. From our room we could see a brightly illuminated giant Buddha on a distant hillside until the wee hours. A true "will never forget" experience!

Robert Belzy (26/10/2017 06:51)
Fairly quiet when we stayed and pricing was very good. Didn't use the resort facilities, just on an over night stop.

Motty Slomovitz (22/08/2017 00:43)
Fancy and beautiful, certainly in local standards, but might benefit from some modernization

Joan Grace (15/02/2018 17:35)
Beautiful location. Very clean. Staff very polite and attentive. Nothing is too much trouble. Would not hesitate to return.

Rayvat Utamote (29/01/2018 16:07)
The room is comfortable. At it located in the city of Chiang Rai and the tourist can access to the inner city by taxi or tuk tuk. There is a small river nearby and some rooms offer mountain view. The only my disappointment is the wifi strength in my room is very poor. I also like the musicians at the bar, one on the violin and the other on the piano although they don't play together.

Zhang W (16/02/2018 09:35)
The service in this hotel is very good. You can enjoy the beautiful views around the building, it's a wonderful experience.

Vered Maizner-Gani (27/12/2017 21:19)
The hotel in general is nice, big and clean. The staff are friendly but many of them do not speak or understand english. The rooms are large and comfortable but the bathrooms are old and tierd. There was also very loud music coming from outside untill late night hours. Breakfast was less suitable for western tast, but i guess this is true for most of the hotels we visited in this trip.