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499 MOO1 T. Vieng, Chiang Rai, อำเภอ เชียงแสน เชียงราย 57150, Thailand
Coordinate: 20.3729777, 100.0769033
Rating: 4.70
Phone: +66 53 910 200 goldentriangle
Opening Hours:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
Beth Marie (29/05/2017 03:41)
The poor elephants are NO "luxury", thus one star. Treat your animals humanely. You do not need the elephants.

Jefferson Lerio (23/01/2017 21:52)
Incredible experience!! The elephants are so sweet!!

Sammi B (24/07/2016 18:33)
The most amazing truly heart-warming first class experience you could have. It is more an ‘experience’ that words cannot describe.
All the staff (And I mean ALL) including the Mahouts and guides are wonderful. All happy to help, answer questions, chat, laugh and tease with you.
Catering for my food allergies was a breeze for them. Thoughtful as well, made drink snack foods that I could eat so I was not left out. Best Gluten Free bread I have had. Great food, catered for you.
The tent, amazing, huge, clean, wonderful big bath tub and outdoor shower, sitting area, bed with a view. Everything you could dream off.
The Elephants and Mahouts, so many wonderful activities to have been involved in. You can tell these elephants are not only loved, but are happy. (As well as really looked after) Feeding the couple of gentle giants that were brought up to the dining room in the morning was a highlight. The Mahout training was a superb, fun and an emotionally involved experience. ‘Bathing’ and ‘being in the water’ with the elephants is something you will never regret or forget. The sunrise walk was also a beautiful experience. (Tip order extra fruit to share with your elephant)
The Spa experience is a delightful experience to have, especially with your partner. Open air, jungle views, the sounds of nature while you are being massaged.
Hall of Opium museum visit, we thoroughly enjoyed this museum. A lot of history, wonderful presented. If you are into history (like my husband) then you will really enjoy this museum.
Houi Mak Leim National Park and Hot Spring Trail excursion. This is hike on the ‘local path’ which means you could be bending low under the overgrown bamboo, walking up the hill using some of the plants to help you and walking on the track between crops. The guide carries your water and lunch, it is a lovely trek, with some amazing views, even still, if the humidity gets to you, as it did my husband, maybe consider the small trek or something else.
Golden Triangle Excursion, involves a long-tail boat ride on the Mekong River, so you are exactly in the middle of Thailand, Laos and Burma/Myanmar. Then off to view a temple and high point to look over Laos and Myanmar. We did enjoy this trip.

Each night it was drinks & snacks at the Burma Bar, then to the Wine Cellar for wine tasting and finally dinner at Nong Yao Restaurant. The food is amazing, also catering to how spicy you would like your meal. From mild (my husband) to medium (for me), regardless of what dish you ordered.
I again want to mention the staff, their wonderful attention to detail and great personalities really help bring this resort to the above 5 stars that is deserves.
If you do have an issue, talk to them, it will be sorted as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Just in case you are wondering about the treatment of the elephants, they are loved and looked after. Yes, they are working, but working in an environment that is healthy for the elephant and mahouts. Read about their rehabilitating program.
There are lots of wonderful little things I could mention, but then they would not be a surprise for you when you visit
I would totally recommend staying here and for the longer period, we had 5 days, which allowed us to experience a bit more.

Will Pierce (21/11/2015 08:33)
Once in a lifetime! Everything is perfect and the up close experience with elephants is incredible. Don't hesitate, just go. You won't regret it!

Collins Mason (05/09/2015 19:34)
One of the most amazing places I've ever been! Just go......!

Tim Aaron (08/08/2017 18:26)
Unlike Beth Marie - I presume, I have been here. The elephants have been rescued - as have their mahouts and their entire families. Yes, this is a luxury resort but it is one that deeply cares about what they are doing and, more importantly, the people and animals they care for. I deeply care about animal rights - as, I am sure Beth Marie does - but it is not fair to claim this Four Seasons is doing anything wrong here. It is quite the opposite.

Terry Moore (11/10/2017 18:03)
Celebrated my 60th. The most amazing location, beautiful meals, friendly staff and super friendly elephants.

Pamela Danzig (30/09/2017 06:50)
The woman is right about the elephants. Ask ANY animal org. They’ll tell you any place that lets you ride on an elephant is involved in cruelty and is lying to you about rescue. Elephants backs are VERY weak. They do NOT like people on their backs. They have been beaten into submission to let people ride on them. No true rescue place would give elephants rides. Check it out anywhere online

Carol Resstom (03/02/2018 23:00)
The best hotel experience as a hole! Went there almost 2 years ago.
The room is like no other, a quite unique decor and surprisingly comfortable (it is literally a tent)
The outdoor shower is very pleasant, the views are breathtaking, the tours were amazing, the food was outstanding as well as the service!
The pool is beautiful and the spa is great!
The sunset bar is very pleasant and have great cocktails!
Highly recommend to book a romantic dinner in the forest! We were sort of rescued during ours due to the arrival of a monsoon, but the staff were so helpful and careful with us that we didn’t matter at all, felt totally safe and continued the meal at the closest restaurant.
Is a pricy hotel, but worth every single dime!

SUR V (23/03/2018 13:18)
It's a perfect example of glamping. Right smack in the forest are these luxury camps. In your camp all facilities are available & you are provided with a personal butler as well. You are pampered & spoilt to the core. The package we took was such that we got full board (accommodation & all 3 meals inclusive). I must say that the quality of food & service is exemplary. The property is simply exotic. This is an experience you won't ever forget. Let's put it this ways that experience of a lifetime.

Izaiah Lail (20/04/2018 04:07)
Looks nice but im i wouldnt let myself spend 2k on one night of a hotel when 2k can last 4 months in bangkok for everything