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Hospital, Doctor, Health, Point Of Interest, Establishment
249/10 aonang krabi aonang krabi Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand
Coordinate: 8.0341974, 98.8286512
Rating: 4.90
Phone: +66 75 695 303
Opening Hours:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
John Harker (19/12/2016 17:00)
Good service, good English very friendly. We need medicals for a scuba diving course, the doctor was through and the certificate cost 200 bhat each. Very good.

Jayden Symes (23/11/2016 12:38)
Was seen within ten minutes. Spoke great English, knew exactly how to treat me and cost me a lot less than I was thinking for blood test and Iv plus medication. Highly recommended

Sam Natour (06/12/2016 15:31)
Treated me with multiple IV bags, etc within minutes of entering the clinic due to food poisoning & severe dehydration. Within 24 hours I was back on my feet resuming my vacation. Great guy, clean facility, and attentive staff. This is the kind of doctor you only hope for in the States, and at a fraction of the cost.

Janice Wong (04/12/2016 00:09)
While traveling, my boyfriend developed an allergic reaction. He had hives all over his body. They were spreading rather quickly. Thankfully for us, there is Dr. "Somboon" Medical Clinic (That's actually his brother's name - His real name is Dr. Khantiworapong)

Not only is he knowledgeable, he is genuinely one of the most caring doctor with a great sense of humor. He eased our worries and gave my boyfriend the proper care he needed.

The office is clean, and the staff are very professional.

ebbajolde (09/12/2016 17:20)
Went here to get my medical certificate for work permit. They took good care of me, professional and really easy and quick.

Chris Evans (23/06/2017 17:55)
My partner went here after sustaining a rope burn while climbing. We were seen very quickly (less than 30 minutes wait). The nurse cleaned the wound, removing dead skin, and rebandaged it very tidily. The doctor gave us good advice on how to speed up the healing process and avoid scar tissue formation, as well as prescribed antibiotics in case of infection. All staff were friendly and spoke good English. Overall cost was 1400 baht.

Jon DeFilippis (30/03/2017 22:47)
Nobody wants to go to the doctor while traveling, staff spoke English well and were able to help me quickly. I needed a minor surgery due to an infection. Was in and out and given proper care for an affordable price as obviously my insurance isn't going to be accepted most anywhere. 3000baht for the procedure and dressing. Would recommend to travelers in need.

Conor Murphy (17/06/2017 21:46)
Great experience with doctor here. Had ear issues after scuba diving. Took his time to explain the exact problem I was having and then proceeded to tell me all the medication I would need. He also wrote down what anti biotics I could need in a weeks time if it didn't clear up.

Consultation was 700 bhat.. He supplied all the medication I needed and that was an extra 600 bhat.

Very positive experience.

Wira Yusoff (25/03/2017 10:48)
As a tourist you don't really want to see a doctor when you're overseas but if you have to, Dr Somboon is a great choice. His staff is very helpful and all smiles, Dr Somboon treat you immediately and provide good advice. The charges are similar to Malaysia - it is not expensive.

Christien Veroni (16/04/2017 06:32)
I had an eye infection while vacationing in Aonang. Conjunctivitis of the eye to be exact. I went here after reading positive reviews. Fast, friendly and spoke English. Clearly communicated what it was and prescribed medication.
Entire thing took less than 10 minutes. Clean clinic. Professional service. Answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns.
Whole thing cost around $50 USD and they dispensed all meds and antibiotics there which was included in the price.
Infection was gone in 24 hours. Thank god.

Apparently, there are other places which charge foreigners a lot more. So this place was a much better option.

Farshad Zarandi (24/10/2017 18:02)
Needed cleaning of an infected wound and went up and down the streets of Ao Nang to get price quotations. While other clinics wanted around 800 baht, Dr. Somboon charged 260 for the same procedure. No waiting time and staff was professional + spoke fluent English. Highly recommended.

Andrew McDonald (04/11/2017 20:36)
Quick, friendly and professional service. Fees for consultation and common procedures are clearly published at the reception desk.

Claudia Yokum (12/02/2018 20:43)
The doctors and the nurses were amazing. Kind and extremely helpful. Since I was very nervous about getting stitches, they made jokes to make me feel better. If you need a doctor, I highly recommend them!!

Tom Klug (25/03/2018 17:25)
Very professional, clean, and reasonable on pricing. Went in to treat an infected bug bite. The doctor explained his diagnosis, provided literature to give a deeper explanation, and wrote my perspiration, and provided documentation for insurance claims all in 10 mins. Very grateful for them!

Ryan Critchlow (22/03/2018 20:10)
Amazing doctor, very friendly, great English.
I would highly recommend to visit this place if you have any problems while you are out in krabi 👌🏻

Mike Shim (26/03/2018 10:54)
The doctor is very nice! It's very detailed! Thank you doctor

irene dege (18/04/2018 11:08)
Very friendly and professional doctor that speaks fluent english as well as his nurses. If you are ever unfortunate enough to need a dr and you are in Krabi go to Dr Somboon he sorted my husband out in a jiffy