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Cafe, Bakery, Store, Food, Point Of Interest, Establishment
92, Moo 3, Chiang Mai-Pai Road, Tambon Thung Yao, Amphoe Pai, Mae Hong Son, 58130, ตำบล ทุ่งยาว อำเภอ ปาย แม่ฮ่องสอน 58130, Thailand
Coordinate: 19.3382134, 98.4332236
Rating: 3.90
Phone: +66 53 698 251 pages/ Coffee-in-Love-Pai/ 584904048230114
Opening Hours:
Monday: 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM
Raymond Seah (09/01/2017 11:30)
Ok coffee. Nice scenery but some trees have grown too tall thus blocking the view of the padi fields

Marianna Lewandowski (09/12/2016 18:13)
Nice view, cute area, coffee and tea was ok (just teabags), lovely place to watch chinese tourists taking selfies.

Sergi Escamilla Miquel (22/11/2016 22:16)
It's a good place to stop and take a coffee. The views are great and the place is very comfortable. The prices are OK.

רונזא עראף (29/11/2016 19:55)
Just more than amazing.. great food lovely view.. i loved pai

omri eival (24/11/2016 21:11)
Although being a little more expensive than expected in Pai, this place holds great coffee and caked mixed with an incredible view of Pai's mountains

Asian BBW Clips (07/04/2017 13:58)
A lovely little coffee shop, but it takes a backseat to the incredible scenery in most cases. The staff were lovely and the coffee was very good, as well as the mango cheesecake we had the pleasure of trying. I very much suggest buying a coffee only after you have explored the surrounding area, as the view and the interesting decorations are very much worth seeing.

Give yourself at least 2-3 hours to enjoy everything properly!

Matthew Cochran (27/06/2017 14:27)
The coffee is great and the view is nice. The chocolate and orange cheesecake seemed average to me, but overall good.

Justin van Schaick (20/04/2017 16:49)
Great coffee for a good price. Great view from the deck over the valley. The toilets are the coolest toilets I have ever seen; it's like a little garden inside a bamboo hut.

Rishi Gautam (30/06/2017 11:49)
Amazing view point with a suitable place for food. This is must visit place.

Wijai Muangjai (16/04/2017 11:39)
Pai Landmark. Scenery spot. Good Coffee.

Nattapong Wanawongsawad (21/10/2017 16:42)
Super nice view. Fresh air. Cozy place. Good for kids. Good Coffee. Not too expensive. But this place is quite crowd sometime.

Jimmy Richford (13/09/2017 11:53)
The most popular coffee shop in Pai, this coffee shop is nestled on a hill with great views of the valley below. There is a quaint home next to the shop (see the attached photo), but the coffee shop itself is in the white house with awning to the right.

The coffee is not the best in Pai, it's EXTREMELY TOURISTY, and you can buy things like souvenirs (making it feel a bit unauthentic), but it's worth a visit as it is located on the main road in and out of town and the views are perfect. But if you are a coffee lover, go to one of the better shops in the center of town.

Corona Sanchez (11/09/2017 08:40)
Nice cafe with a small selection of drinks, cakes and cookies. The beautiful views and grounds makes it a worthwhile visit. Really nice toilets too.

Sreeraj K.R (14/09/2017 16:29)
A scenery to behold more so.. when it drizzles... one of the place I remember when I think of Pai.. Good coffees adds on to the experience... Waiting to come again..

Elad Gu (08/10/2017 11:59)
Amazing scenery, great cakes. The menu is pretty limited, and is bit pricey for the area, but all in all - worth it.

David Papkin (20/12/2017 12:00)
David Papkin Coffee in love Review. Beautiful view, cakes and coffee looking over a hill. Great stopping g place while driving around end of David Papkin review

Simon Yip (03/11/2017 06:42)
Though touristic this is highly recommended with awesome scenery of paddy fields and mountains. At the cafe grounds itself, there's a picturesque European-styled country house with multi-coloured flowers. Their green tea cheesecake is recommended.

Khun C (01/12/2017 21:41)
The place is located in Pai, one of the small town in Mae Hong Son. The place famous due to movie Pai In Love back in 2009. Good scenery with mountain surround. Very fresh air and cold during end of the year. This is must go place when you are at Pai. Chill chill with coffee and enjoy pieces of cake with mountain view.

Lasse Ryberg Hansen (01/11/2017 07:52)
Waited far too long for our food, which was overpriced and less than average. Maybe the coffee is good. But don't go for food.
The view is good though

Estherr Angelia (04/05/2018 12:55)
Good location.. nice view too. Weather so good when I come there.and price just normal price.really good for relax..nice

LEO (15/03/2018 01:08)
Tourist spot with overrated food and drinks, it’s all about view here, everything are beautiful, like a picture in a story book. You can order a glass of coffee and some cake then enjoy the open view. Don’t expect much about coffee and food here

Alice Shani (12/02/2018 12:21)
Lovely staff. Great view. Nice coffee. Must visit the toilet.

Vipul Khattar (05/01/2018 22:18)
Found the place slightly overrated.. there was a lot of rush out there and hardly any place to sit down.. found the breakfast average and nothing exceptional and slightly expensive for the price that we paid here.. good to sit by the open balcony.. nice views across