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Place Type:
Museum, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Kamphaeng Phet 4 Rd, แขวงลาดยาว Khet Chatuchak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10900, Thailand
Coordinate: 13.8031626, 100.5513625
Rating: 4.40
Phone: +66 2 272 4500 attraction-museum/ children-s-discovery-museum.htm
Opening Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Matthew Price (05/11/2016 10:12)
FREE. Let's start with that. You just sign in and enjoy. There is a small water park / splash pad, huge play structure with staff supervision, dinosaur area with Dino heads which you can feed and bones in the sand to uncover, a dining area though you must bring your own food, and a 3 story indoor play space with science exhibits, dress up, and build your own city areas. Be sure to bring socks for the indoor activities. The indoor part has AC and the outdoor parts are well shaded. There is great access by public transit. We like to go on Saturday mornings while it is cooler. Then we head to the Chatuchak weekend market to grab fruit smoothies and some food. We then head into the neighbouring park, hire a mat for 20 baht, and sit and enjoy lunch together. Did I mention it was free?!

Minere W (29/12/2016 17:45)
Everything is good up till you went to third floor of the building "build our city"

One particular staff is pretty rude, he will just pick on you or your kid for no reason even your kid is not doing anything wrong. Although sign said no food or drink, he just keep chewing eating something in his mouth. Also he is not doing any work but sit there and browse internet on the phone the whole time. The only time he is actively doing something is when clock reaches 15:40. And he will start closing and packing in lightning speed so that he can go home earlier.

I wonder if he intentionally being difficult to the people, so people will just leave and not use the facility and he doesnt need to do any work.

Cant beleive this staff get paid from government's funding for doing nothing.

Martin Shores (17/10/2016 12:38)
Great place for kids to play and learn. I gave it 4 stars because it is a nice place to go it still needs to develop it's activities a bit.

WU GUOWEI JACK (25/08/2016 20:21)
Like: free for both local and foreigners. Good for family. Kids love it.
Dislike: no food offering, by JJ market is nearby

Joey Lyndall (03/07/2016 14:31)
A great place to visit except we could only stand the heat for about a half hour. Should've brought their swimmers and a bucket and spade. Free though!

360myplace .com (06/08/2017 14:42)
Good fun for kids. Lots of activity. Parking is a big challenge. Monday is closed. Open from 10am to 4pm. Take one star out because no food and drink to sell. Inside the building, the floor is very slippery so be extra careful.

Ricky Cheung (20/07/2017 23:00)
Small place and equipments are old. Only the climb at outdoor are fun. Only if you'll visit Chatuchat market, it just locate inside the park, otherwise don't worth to go.

Subhasree Ray (23/05/2017 18:52)
Definitely a big thumbs up. Wonderful place for kids to learn and be active. Lots of activities to learn like sketching, Thai songs, a very well stocked library for kids and it's all for free.

Mc Lee (26/03/2017 09:47)
Enjoyable time for your child! There are a lot of activities to do and play with your child. What I like the most are the career stimulation and the Dinosaur fossil explorer. On top of everything, it is a free pass!!

Enjoy your moment there with your love one!!

Reffa Nopparat (04/03/2017 16:56)
Great free playground for kids but missed out on a lot due to them closing certain areas for cleaning or they had certain times that children could and couldn't enter. A detailed map with times at the entrance would help, or even a mini handheld map so we could try and see everything that was suitable for our children's ages.

Pichai Pimpoh (18/10/2017 16:48)
Children really enjoyed it, but my daughter got a terrible rash after playing at the water park for 30 minutes. The staff seemed used to this problem and were ready with a free bottle of lotion. My 2 boys didn't have any issues with it, so apparently they are adding some chemical in the water to which some people are hyper sensitive. Be wary of this if you are going to let your children play in the water.

p Deuart (08/10/2017 18:02)
Lots of broken things that are not working water park for the kids is okamall little park but opens at certain hours and doesnt operate all day. Good outside playground for the kids. Good to go to the market. Lets the wee ones have a splash and then back to the market. No comparision to singapore or busan korea so dont get hopes up.

Peter Joseph Head (12/12/2017 15:29)
Very disappointing. Came here with child 9 year old and very little here to do. Lots of staff sitting around doing not much. Deserted "activities" that we were told we would have to come back to in half an hour's time. Meanwhile 1-2 kids take part while several staff watch on, or fiddle on phones. Lots of areas blocked off and out of order. Only things the staff did were tell us not to do things. It was like the Thai government spent millions on a facility and then employed a bunch of staff to make it the least fun it could possibly be. Would love to see new management take this over and turn it into the place it should be.

myo gyi (16/12/2017 16:54)
I can't stop my smile when i saw kids playing in water fountain's. They look
So should visit here with their kids. Don't forget to bring extra dress!.

Nutty T (25/12/2017 15:41)
It's free! The water fountain is my son's fevorite. Outdoor playground is huge and is not boring.

Mia Aristanti (29/11/2017 15:25)
When moms are shopping in the market, kids and dads can have fun in this place. Free entry, great educational content. Excellent place.

Sadrul ula (01/05/2018 14:26)
Its awesome place for kids, we had a great time in weekend. My kids enjoy lot playing there & most important is its 100% free. So, its really worth to go there & have a great family time!

Jason B (20/04/2018 07:42)
Avoid this place. Literally half the stuff was broken or closed. Sand pit had fire ants. Despite being free, I'd suggest walking through Queens park instead. This place was horrible!!

kim prachar (03/05/2018 15:34)
The museum is predominately in Thai with very little English. My kids had fun but for a kids Discovery place there was a lot of signs with "don't touch this", staff saying "don't run, don't jump, this area is for older kids (7-12)". A lot of broken or in service displays. Hard to get a taxi when leaving.

Abbas Abdulla (10/02/2018 08:42)
Excellent place to via with kids; my kids had lot of fun their. Make sure to take swimming clothes for kids because there is a small water fun area. The entry to this place is free. I would like to thank the staff working there all of them were too polite and willing to help.