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121 หมู่ 3 ริมทะเลสาบเชียงแสน ถนนสาย แม่จัน-เชียงแสน กม. 27, เชียงแสน, อำเภอ เชียงแสน เชียงราย 57150, Thailan
Coordinate: 20.260959, 100.050773
Rating: 3.00
Phone: +66 53 650 369
โรงแรมรุจิรารีสอร์ท โรงแรมรุจิรารีสอร์ท
Katy O'Leary (18/07/2017 21:15)
Do not stay here. We got absolutely ripped off at 400 baht when we arrived, then didn't see a soul the entire stay. It was moldy, unclean, the shower didn't work properly, nor did the air con and it gets VERY hot in the afternoon. The place was filthy and smelled bad. It was almost as if they hadn't opened the room to anyone since the 80s. Really weird vibes here.

Jasper Dyson (24/03/2017 13:08)
This place is a scam. The photos and description are completely outdated. The resort has been neglected for years and none of the amenities work. It's clear the owner is trying to charge the same rates as when it first opened however it does not reflect the current condition of the property. Rujira is deserted and the only way I can describe it is from its likeness to Chernobyl.

warin lotus (15/09/2016 23:16)
รีสอร์ทอากาศดี บรรยากาศสบาย ๆ ตั้งอยู่ติดทะเลสาปเชียงแสนเลย