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Doi Tung Development Project, Mae Fah Luang Chiang Rai, ตำบล แม่ฟ้าหลวง อำเภอ แม่ฟ้าหลวง เชียงราย 57240, Thailand
Coordinate: 20.2862108, 99.8142129
Rating: 4.50
Phone: +66 53 767 015
Doi Tung Lodge Doi Tung Lodge
THIEN THACH (20/04/2018 22:41)
Doi Tung Lodge is located in the area that once served as the office and accommodation of the 31st Watershed Conservation Unit of the Royal Forest Department. During the early days of the Doi Tung Development Project, the late Princess Mother would spend months at the Doi Tung Royal Villa to oversee the operation of the Project. Occasionally, His Majesty the King and other members of the royal family would pay her a visit. A new villa was built in the area to accommodate the royal entourage and employees of the Project. However, the new villa was only completed in 1997, after her death. It was turned into a tourist lodging following the gracious permission of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. The proceeds from this enterprise go to the maintenance of the lodging and other amenities.

The Doi Tung Lodge provides another source of jobs; local people learn the hospitality business, including aspects such as reception, services, food and other management work. It offers local people an additional job alternative without having to leave their home in search of work elsewhere providing a good source of income and stability.

Akarin Phureesitr (29/12/2017 19:08)
One of the best kept secret of Doing Tung. Located less than a kilometer away from the center of Doitung visitor center. The rooms are very well maintained and clean. It has all the amenities you would expect in a good hotel chain. There is an open space that is perfect for morning exercise and to observe sunrise in a clear day

Sangkom L. (29/12/2017 10:02)
Good hotel, clean big room, great breakfast and nice view.

Prasit Patmark (24/12/2017 07:52)
Good view point & cool here.

redcherry redcherry (05/12/2017 18:11)
a cozy place indeed~ bedroom looks nice & clean~ staffs also did provide a great service~