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201 Moo 3 Dtumbon Yonok Chiang Saen Lake, ตำบล โยนก อำเภอ เชียงแสน เชียงราย 57150, Thailand
Coordinate: 20.261644, 100.050012
Rating: 4.50
Phone: +66 81 862 8727
Viang Yonok Hotel Restaurant & Sports Club Chiang Rai Viang Yonok Hotel Restaurant & Sports Club Chiang Rai
bob morin (13/01/2018 21:40)
5 stars for comfort, hospitality, food and great people hosting.

Located on the beautiful Chiang Saen lake this quiet getaway has very comfortable bungalow style accommodations.

Bicycles on site for use. Beautiful bike ride into town. Chiang saen.

Plenty of hot water provided by modern instant heater system thank you.

I would definately stay here again. Wonderful getaway location in chiang saen.

+ Bird watching area
+ Fascinating history of chiang saen.


ดา มะนีวง (04/12/2017 16:38)

Brian Tan (15/09/2017 19:04)
My most memorable stay in Northern Thailand!

Joanna Bo (16/11/2016 19:59)

We made a mistake of posting an unfavorable review after the first day, whence the owner read it, got really upset and threw us out (we were to stay another night).
There is always first time for everything as we are well behaved older couple and were never asked to LEAVE before. All we did wrong was to dare to point out unsafe floor in the bathroom and stuffy cabins.

Very aggressive and unprofessional owner: instead of addressing real issues highlighted in our review, he responded with a personal attack. As if poor maintenance and dinky cabins were caused by the guests.

The resort itself is a mixed bag:
Quiet, comfy beds, well maintained grounds, decent breakfast with great coffee and delicious home made bread. Nice view over a lake. Supplied toiletries.

In the bathrooms treacherous floor made of loose river rocks thrown on the bare cement. We slipped several times. Very dangerous.
The pool is a joke (4 meters long?) rooms dark and stuffy. Really tacky decor. Seems expensive for what it offers.

Not recommended.

Erkan Bu (08/10/2015 15:55)
Heaven on earth!