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1 หมู่ 10 ถนนชุมแพ-ภูเขียว, ชุมแพ, อำเภอ ชุมแพ ขอนแก่น 40130, Thailand
Coordinate: 16.529005, 102.110452
Rating: 3.70
Phone: +66 43 311 666
โรงแรม เมเจอร์แกรนด์ โรงแรม เมเจอร์แกรนด์
Sonny Taylor (13/02/2018 21:32)
Its hot has beautiful plantlife and an amazing little pool to paddle around in, the house is made completely of wood, the beds are super comfy, but bring some mosquito spray because they do love the plants.

Guenter Volz (15/01/2018 21:24)
Nice hotel and good price

Frank Coakley (25/11/2017 21:05)
Room paid 450 extra for bed clothes on floor for our daughter to sleep on + breakfast not happy

Mam Sutheera (11/06/2017 20:43)
Old establishment. Facility lacking. And, you have to put in money deposit to borrow a hair dryer!

mark antcliffe (01/06/2017 12:08)
Nice hotel and great max bunny club.