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Hua Toei, Phunphin District, Surat Thani 84130, Thailand
Coordinate: 9.1358786, 99.1586241
Rating: 3.60
Phone: +66 95 428 5955
Opening Hours:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
Mikaelrinson Nóbrega (11/04/2018 18:59)
The first contact wasn't really good... The guys was sleeping when I arrived and while I was asking about the accommodation and stuff he slept again haha. Well I just left the place

Pavel Makhnatch (04/02/2018 22:30)
Obviously, great hostel to catch an early morning flight. As for the facilities, they could be better. But there is a tradeoff, of course.

Affan Khan (30/01/2018 11:36)
Well where do I start. The lady from the hotel came with her young daughter to pick us up in her car. Honestly no disrespect you should never allow your kid to act this way in a car with customers. The kid smelled of urine and was climbing to the back seat where me and my wife were sitting whist the car was moving, the kid was aggressive throwing things made a feel a little but awkward and the mother didn’t do anything. There was another pick up, a gentleman who sat in the front. the kid climbed him and he felt uncomfortable, believe me it was very awkward for him and us to watch.

As we came to the hostel the reception room had the kid’s bed and toys scattered all over the place. Again that urine smell was off putting. I know I’m being a bit harsh, but believe me I feel sorry for this kid. The owner gave us the key to our room. Very respectful manager he was and very welcoming.

As we walked past the lobby to the room, the fruit was rotten and smelt horrible, there was no air ventilation as we got in our room. It was very back dated again no air ventilation even the bathroom had no air ventilation.

As for the food the restaurant next door, was very nice the old lady was great very welcoming and the meal was delicious.

At night when my wife and I were about to go out for a walk we saw a rat in the food area, a cat trying to hunt for the rat, again very unhygienic!!!!! We called the hotel manager and it took him time to get rid of the rat.

As for the free breakfast the hotel provides, please don’t touch it, the eggs smell off in the heat and humidity with no air ventilation I nearly threw up when I was curious about the breakfast there was flies everywhere.

In the morning my wife and I decided to get the hell out of here. Instead of leaving the hotel at 12:00 we left at 8:30 to wait in the airport atleast they air ventilation and it doesn’t smell of urine.

Honestly never again I’d rather prefer to sleep in the airport.

Kristin Schneider (27/01/2018 17:41)
The hostel was overbooked so we didn't get the room we actually paid for but instead they drove us to another place which was in the middle of nowhere - no windows, hard mattresses and definitely not worth the money. Real disappointment - not recommended.

fyreflies13 (08/12/2017 08:39)
This place was lovely to stay at. The couple who run it are very friendly and speak good English. We booked a private twin room- it was spacious with two double beds, air con and a tv. The shared bathroom is large and clean. Breakfast was good, croissants and eggs and there is always access to tea/coffee, noodles, toast and bananas. I have no qualms recommending this hostel. Dec 2017 ☺