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Restaurant, Food, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Betong, Betong District, Yala 95110, Thailand
Coordinate: 5.7712025, 101.0698776
Rating: 3.70
Phone: +66 89 653 4244 blackandwhite.betong/
Azhar Paat (03/02/2018 21:36)
Seafood BBQ.. I like raw oyster eat with garlic, fried shallot, squeeze lime, petai leaf and dip with 12 herbs sauce. Smoke mackerel stuffed with chopped lemon grass, coriander wake the aroma. Complete your meal drink "bowbok" or sugar cane juice. So yummy..

hyder mohammed (13/01/2018 18:27)

Hew Choon Kok (03/11/2017 21:13)

Robert Wong (29/10/2017 22:26)
Lovely barbecue seafood

IMRAN KAYA DAN BERJAYA (28/04/2017 15:41)
like food